Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Time = Snow Cone Time

Boyd's Crazy Mama, Nicolle, posted on instagram about her snow cone that didn't turn out quite like she wanted, so I thought I'd share what we use. It is an oldie but goodie. We bought this years ago (5+) for about $15 and it is still going strong.

We use it almost daily in the summer - sometimes with actual snow cone syrup, but sometimes with just a little juice or Real Lemon/Lime, or even just the ice plain (I like this this way). I was weaning myself off Pepsi (yes, again) and use about 1/4 cup of Pepsi in a full class of shaved ice and it was so good. Yum. I plan to use our Kefir water soda in it too...if we ever have any left over. {BTW - Remind me to blog about the Kefir soda soon. SOOOO much better than the kombucha I attempted a few summers ago. Yum. Really.}

I was looking for a link to our machine and can only find it used, on ebay or amazon. Bummer. We will have to take good care of ours so it lasts. Most days, it is upside down, draining in the sink. We very rarely wash it because we always use just ice in it (you can use frozen juice or anything, but that makes it all sticky) so it is super easy. Drop some ice in, push down the top, and be ready to fill up a cup with ice that won't break your teeth to chew.


It's like eating snow...without the fear of dog peepee...and so much cheaper than going to get snow cones everyday!


It is extra refreshing after you mow and swim in 95* weather like we did today. We ♥ summer!


  1. It's like eating snow...without the fear of dog peepee...

    This is all kinds of awesome.

  2. Thank you for posting this!!
    It reminds me that we have a $100 margarita machine that is never used, and now I'm wondering if that would work. Kevin will laugh if it becomes our snow cone machine. This all just dawned on me!
    I'm bummed that the one my sis bought is just not really working well.
    You gave me some good ideas about the ice + soda.
    I still might look into buying one like yours on Amazon! It looks easy to operate, which is what I need.
    And, your pool looks so nice!

    1. Oh I bet that would work just fine! Let me know. And LOL to Kevin - better than it sitting in a cabinet. ;) The pool is my in-laws. The kids love it. It was only 82* in the pool today, so I sat by the ladder and watched them instead of getting in. Too cold for me!


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