Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's the end of the month as we know it...

...and I feel fine.
The WordCount Blogathon

Phew. The Wordathon challenge is over and I did it, I really did it. I think I only missed one day - wahoo! There is another challenge starting for July to continue blogging everyday...hmmm...I'm tempted, but think I need to relax a month before school starts back up full force in August.

So, as June comes to a close, I leave you with this: a wordle of the titles of my June posts:

It's been fun and sparked a new fire to post more, but probably not daily. I was obviously stretching sometimes to come up with something, anything to post before midnight. lol. Thanks to those that read or commented or harassed me when my post was not up early enough (cough *mb* cough). Love you guys - thanks for caring. ;o)

See you in July . . .


  1. WTG!! I learned more about how to blog during this journey and I enjoyed the "scrapbooking" aspect of it. I'll have to keep it up and then do a Blurb book so we can have a hard-copy. Thanks again for the push.


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