Friday, June 28, 2013

General is in the house

As most of you know, Terrific T really, really, wants a pig. It has been a big issue but the city will not allow swine in city limits. So, when a friend called to see if we would care for their turtle while they are on vacation, he was excited. When we went to pick "him" up and they said they didn't want him back, he was thrilled! Me? I'm warming up to him...haha...

I'm waiting for the weekend for Big Daddy to help set up the aquarium, but until then, he is enjoying his new home in a bucket.

We downloaded a free Kindle book on Turtles and have researched how to care for them.  T is loving having him. He changed his name from "Speedy" to "General" and even made him an office, like all good generals need. He is changing his water out everyday until we get a filter in place and spending hours just hanging with him.


  1. He's a teeny-tiny General!

    1. . . . and the friendliest general I've ever seen.

  2. Love that boys passion. He is all in! Hello, General...nice to meet you!


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