Wednesday, June 5, 2013

There's an app for that

The theme of today is "5 favorite apps." I have had an ipad for several years but just recently got an iphone, so I had to think about which apps I use most. Besides almost daily use of Pandora, Netflix, and Candy Crush Saga, here are a few others that I use regularly and recommend.

Classical Conversations Foundations Memory Work - This is crazy expensive for an app, in my opinion, but I will buy it every year. They don't have the new cycle 2 app out yet that we will use this fall, but I'm linking up last years (so don't buy this one if you are in a community - it is so last year!). This has all of the kids' weekly memory work and timeline on there for them to review on-their-own. Woot! Woot! We used to use the online version but I love that this works without being connected to in the car review is no longer me doing the review - they can do it themselves. I love how easy it is to use and how pretty it all is. Worth every blasted penny.

Olive Tree - When I got my ipad, the first app I bought was Olive Tree NLT Study Bible. This is a great tool for studying and daily reading. In addition to having the Scripture with me at all times, there is a place to put notes and there is a great search section for when you are looking for verses on a particular topic. You can highlight and underline and there are even reading plans. Love this.

Dropbox -Both the app and the online versions have changed my life. Love being able to save something to dropbox and view it on different computers, ipad, iphone, etc. ♥love♥ I also use dropbox to send files or pictures to people when they are too big to attach to an email. I also like that it stores things offsite, in case of a computer crash...which happens.

Noteability - This is a great app for note taking. You can import PDFs (like from Dropbox - lol) and then write right on them with your finger. This is cool for math worksheets, or underlining nouns in a paragraph or whatever. Makes it fun and you save on paper/ink. You can type on it or just write with your finger. It is very easy to erase and try again. Just a great all around app that is cheap.

Flashcardlet - I love using flashcards as a study tool for the kids, but *yawn* hate being the one to sit and flip them *yawn*. This is a great little app that is just flashcards. You can download cards from or Dropbox (seeing a Dropbox theme here?) and store them in your library for review. I like that you don't have to reinvent the wheel here too - you can search through thousands of users' cards and use theirs. There are a variety of CC cards that we use often for review. Just be sure you double check the cards you download from others for accuracy. You don't want your kids studying things that are incorrect.

I have probably 50 more downloaded, but these are the ones I use most. What are your favorite apps? Do you use apps in your homeschooling or organizing?


  1. Look at you being all productive and stuff. Now I feel like a slacker. LOL

  2. Love my iPhone! I do have some apps but there are only a few that I use daily fb, pinterest, and I love Sarah Young's Jesus calling app. It is a devotional and I read it most mornings before I get out of bed. I do really like the instagram app too.


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