Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ice, Ice Baby

Thankfully our ice storm wasn't as bad as they predicted it would be, and just left us with a pretty view this morning.

Paige went out barefooted and came back in saying it felt like walking on Legos. ha.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Few words Wednesday

That's more like it.

We have a prayer "tree" in our living room that we put an ornament on for each of our foster kiddos (also one for each of us and Rwanda). Our newest ornament came in this week. YAY!! I love it. It was hard to find something to represent Little Miss but when I saw this, it fit. :o)

It's a visual reminder of us to pray for each other and for those little ones that have come in and stayed with us for a time.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Those that know me on a real-life daily basis know my feelings about Tuesdays. It has its own hashtag around here even. Like whatever happens can normally be explained with #tuesday and sometimes a bonus poop emoji for good measure. 😉 Some people don't like Mondays. I like them just fine...but I often feel like Tuesday could possibly be the death of me most weeks. It's the day we have to run around to activities and are down to two pieces of bread and some eggs to share between everyone because I'll basically starve before going to the grocery store on a weekend and Monday is spent on school. We also tend to deal with cranky kids (maybe they are hungry - ha) which leads to a cranky momma on Tuesdays because we are trying to balance school and home and appointments and anxiety and all that jazz.

Today is definitely a #tuesday.

 - Hubby is on his way home FINALLY after working in Florida since the beginning of October. We are excited. He's excited and sick of driving already after a full day yesterday to get him to Alabama. About an hour into his drive today he gets a flat, which leads to a 2 hour setback on time, partly because the first stop to buy a new tire after getting his tire changed didn't take credit cards. really. Hello, Fulton,  Mississippi...let's get with the times! #tuesday

-T and P have guitar and choir this morning so I get to sit in the car for an hour and wait when I could be doing a million other things. #tuesday

-I got to see my favorite dentist today, who I genuinely love to hang out with, except twice a year for cleanings. ha. She's work isn't my fave. #tuesday

-Woke up to the dishes (that I have rerun several times assuming we forgot to put soap in there or something since they are coming out wet but dirty) being still dirty. Looks like we need a new dishwasher...and get to hand wash three days worth of dishes. #tuesday

But as hubby and I were talking today, he brought up first world problems. All of these things are totally first world problems. Nothing else. I need to change my hashtag and stop whining and count my blessings. Thanks for the reminder, hon! Now get home....we miss you!!!

Monday, January 9, 2017

update on fostering...

Another thing that has changed but stayed the same for our family since I last blogged is foster care. We felt called about 4 years ago to begin taking foster kiddos into our home and it continues to bless our family as we provide a safe, loving home for different children. We have fostered 6 different kids so far and currently have a wonderful little girl living with us as she waits for her forever home.We have also been able to help others and do respite care for quite a few little ones for a few days up to a week.

It's not always easy and dealing with "the system" couldn't BE anymore frustrating, but we have to remind ourselves that we don't do this for DHS or even for the parents, we do it for the kids. It's totally not their fault that they drew the short straw on parents. I get so fed up with these parents that only think of themselves. We visited with our kiddo's attorney this week and he said it best as he was talking to our little one, "I don't want to sound rude, but I really don't care what you mom wants. She's a grown up and has had years to make her choices. I care what YOU want." This is exactly how we feel. It's not fair that our little one has been here over a year waiting for her mom to get her act together. It's too long for a child (or anyone) to live in limbo. We have some big decisions being made in her case this month and appreciate all the prayers you can spare. She's an awesome kid, who deserves way better than to live in foster care, even if we are a pretty fun place to live - ha. We are temporary and she knows it. She was asking me one night if we could adopt her and then said, "Oh wait, you all just foster." (Insert my heartbreaking in a million pieces!) Yes, baby, we just foster. :(

The kids made our family picture this week and nailed it.

I was looking back on here to see when we actually started "just fostering" and saw this post about our little Buzz. Funny that I said I had just met his grandparents and already liked them. Today, almost 3 years later, I just got off the phone with Memaw, who has now become family. I don't like them...I love them!! We got to see another little one for Christmas and I talk to her mom several times a week still. I love it!! Our very first foster daughter was only with us for 10 days but her grandma still texts me a few times a year with updates. I'm so thankful!

Fostering has definitely grown our family, and not just through the kid's and their families. It's also grown through the foster community. We have several friends that foster that we have grown closer to over these years. It's nice to be able to talk to people in the same situations as us who get it. We also have wonderful friends that don't foster but love the heck out of our fosters with us. This isn't an easy road to be on so it's nice to have friends on it with us.

Friday, January 6, 2017

TGIF...and thank goodness for YouTube!

Caleb got up at 4am today to go to work but his car wouldn't start. I told him to take my car and I'd check it out later...and tried to go back to sleep. Then he called and said no one was at work (they were supposed to be doing inventory today so all coming in at 4:30...he doesn't normally work that early) so he came home and set his alarm for 5:30, which he slept through until after 9. oops.

So back to the car. It has been stuttering when it started for a while so we assumed it needed a new battery. Big Daddy is traveling so I looked up a youtube video and Caleb and I set out to take the battery out and go get a new one. It only took the video guy 3 hard could this be?

Took a little longer than 3 minutes (ha) but we did it. Woot. Feeling pretty proud of ourselves and very thankful for youtube! He's back in business and headed into town to the dealer to get the code to make his radio work again. I think he's more annoyed with that than with the battery being dead. lol

When we brought the battery in to be tested and to get a new one, it had fallen over and was upside down in the bag so the fluid was dripping out. The guy explained why batteries have to stay right side up and Caleb says, "So if I roll my car, I'll need a new battery." ummm yep. You will. The guy said to try to sell it and just say it has good tires, but will need a new battery....and frame. lol ;o)

It really wouldn't have been bad if it wasn't 19* out. Brrrr... but thankful for the fire to warm up next to and NingXia Zyng to pep me back up when we finished.  :)

Have a good weekend, everyone.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Can I be real?

Or maybe that should say, "Can I be real and you still like me?" or "Can I be real and you not judge me...out loud?"

I hope you answered yes, 'cause here goes.

I'm lazy. I look for ways to cut corners that aren't life changing. Such as.... buying only clothes that can be "ironed" by being rerun through the dryer with a damp washcloth. Or cleaning the shower while I'm in the shower. No need to come back later and clean it.

I also have narrowed down the clothes that actually need to be folded and take total advantage of the ones that don't. I don't fold socks, undies, or pajamas. Why would you? It kinda goes along with making your bed everyday. Why? But anyway, I decided yesterday to dump out my mess of a sock drawer and match and fold my socks. I love winter because it truly doesn't matter if your socks match bc they are hidden in boots or under jeans. It's a little trickier in the summer but I discovered slip-on Converse this year and between those and flipflops, I didn't wear socks all summer. Score!!

So as I'm folding my socks yesterday, Paige comes in and asks what I'm doing. I told her and she acted like I told her I had discovered the a new planet or something. "Oh wow!! So you can just reach in and grab a set." 😬 She's almost 12 and I've never mentioned that normal people match their socks in the drawer. I've failed as a parent. This is like the time Caleb came home from a friend's house and told us "Did you know you can eat INSIDE Arby's?" He was in 1st grade. I had apparently never taken my kids inside a fast food place. I preferred to drive through and eat at home...where it's clean. Ha.

So now the cat is out of the bag that socks can, indeed, have a cozy match tucked inside of it. I hope she doesn't start expecting me to do it. This is likely a one time gig here. 'Cause...lazy.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

"Wordless" Wednesday.

Those that know me know that I don't do well with rules. This is one reason I'm a terrible cook...those recipe books are so bossy.

Wordless Wednesday, like a cookbook (wrote "recipe book" above and it didn't hit me until now that those actually have a name...hahaha!!), seems so bossy to me too. Like, why can't I use a few words? What will it hurt? It's my blog and I'll use words on Wordless Wednesday if I wanna use words on Wordless Wednesday.

So here's my first "Wordless Wednesday" post of 2017...with words.

Little Miss came home yesterday from visiting family for Christmas break. So we spent last night getting her ready to start school back up today. I'm still completely terrible at this, but she thinks I'm pretty darn good and I'm definitely better than I was a year ago (which isn't saying much!). Love this kiddo!! I should have taken a finished pic. It actually turned out pretty cute when I tied these braids up into pigs.