Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wednesday With Words - and a picture

Trenton worked super hard a few months ago in Civil Air Patrol to meet a goal that the squadron had. Last night, he was one of three cadets recognized and rewarded for their achievement.

He was so proud and we are so proud of him. It wasn't easy and he considered quitting after not passing once or twice, but couldn't let himself give up. He sucked it up and worked hard and tried one last time...and blew his goal out of the water. He had to run a mile and do a certain number of situps and pushups. He could easily run the mile and do the situps in the amount of time needed but the pushups were hard for him. He and I talked a lot about how he can't do it...alone...but he can do all things through Christ who strengthens him. (Phil 4:13) He was going to quote that while doing the pushups. On the final testing night, he did and did about double the amount he needed to do - surprising himself and all of us. ha.

I hope it's a lesson he carries with him for life. He can't do everything alone, but he can do ALL things through Christ.

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