Sunday, February 26, 2017

Things that make you go hmmmmmm.....

Last night, as soon as Caleb texted that he made it home and was waiting in the driveway for his friend to get here, I fell immediately asleep. I didn't even hear them come in the door a few minutes later. I woke up thinking I slept like a log....then stepped out of bed and saw this:

My watch said I slept 8 hours, but only 2 hours was "deep sleep." Apparently during some of my non-deep sleep, I decided to take my sock drawer out of the dresser? What the what?!?

I asked each of the kids if they did it. T was at a friends and says he didn't sneak home and do it. The other three didn't come in my room either. Maverick is a bit of a crazy dog, but not sure he would do this and then leave the socks in the drawer. I'm pretty sure if he was the culprit, there would be wet, holey socks scattered around the room.

Troy texted that there has to be a logical explanation, he just can't come up with one just yet.

The only thing that logically could have happened is that aliens came in and removed my drawer from my dresser and then got scared off by the sleeping dog and left before matching and folding them like a good alien.

Or I sleep walked and am lucky this is all I did.


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