Saturday, February 4, 2017

No dot day!

Each night before bed, I look at my calendar on my phone and see what we have to do the next day. Each event has a dot. Some days have just a couple and some have way too many. Last night, when I checked, I got super excited....NO DOTS TODAY!

We slept in...woke to the sound of  the dynamic duo, T-n-T, trying to break the army men free from the ice prison they had frozen them into over night (T has done this for years...freezes army men or toys in cups of water. At least it's not anything that's alive!).

Got up and had breakfast and started piddling around the house. I cleaned off my desk and sorted 6 months worth of crap important papers. Then moved into the kitchen.

Sometimes I get a little side tracked and just clean random was one of those days. But I didn't stop with one random thing. I cleaned about 8 cabinets and 4 far.

I put the family to work matching up lids and containers that I pulled from the cabinets and drawers where they have been hiding. How do we have 25 extra lids? Where are the containers? Who even knows. 

Then took some of the containers that had broken lids and used them to organize drawers. LOL

Threw out expired things and things we don't use...and things we don't even know what they are. Any ideas what the heck this is? It's been in my randoms drawer for many years. I guess I thought I'd figure it out one day?

I kinda thought it was to cut butter and slide it off? But why does it have a chicken on it?
It worked great to open a package that came today. ha.

All in all, it's been a rather productive "no dot" day. I'm still in jammies at 4 pm, but that's ok. It will just make going to be tonight a little easier - ha.

Hubby is at the store with T buying a bigger live trap. After seeing that he caught the opossum, a neighbor wants him to try to catch an armadillo that is tearing up their yard. lol! I'll keep ya posted if he catches anything cool. ;o)

Happy Weekend!!

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