Sunday, February 26, 2017

Choose thankfulness...

February has tried to get the best of us it seems. Sicknesses, car trouble, and disappointments (major and minor) have pretty much been part of every day this month. We are ready for March and for lent and preparing for Easter. We could really get down thinking about all these things...OR....we could make a choice to find things to be thankful for in the midst of this crazy month. Some of these things are pretty big in our mortal eyes, and some are really more inconveniences. But even in the bigger ones, we are choosing to be thankful.

We are thankful that the mighty T-and-T are back to good health. (strep and flu and a bonus migraine hit this month!)

We are thankful I sometimes buy random clearance things that I can pull out on days like this when two are home sick and are tired of sleeping or watching Netflix.

We are thankful for medical advances that help add years to lives of our loved ones that desperately need it.

We are thankful that it only takes three washes (with a variety of "remedies") to get the skunk smell out of clothes.

We are thankful that we have an "extra" car to drive while ours was being repaired...again.

We are thankful that hubby has a job....and for facetime and calls/texts when we are apart.

We are even thankful that his car broke down only 3 hours into his 21 hour drive instead of in the middle of nowhere or further away. And that the little town he broke down in "happened" to have a Ford dealer with a hotel across the street.

We are thankful that God has a plan for our littlest one's life, even though we currently have NO idea what that is, which is scary and frustrating for us.

I am thankful that my daughter loves to bake and shares the batter with me. My pants aren't as thankful for this!

We are thankful that we have friends who love us and laugh with us and keep us moving along when it seems like if one.more.thing goes "wrong" this month, we might just tap out.

We are thankful for encouraging words through songs and sermons and scripture and blogs and even memes. ;)

We are thankful for the wonderful name of Jesus. We sang this at church and it is stuck in my head.

What are you thankful for today?

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