Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Appropriate...or not?

Captain C just read his IEW paper to me that is due on Monday. It is about the Pilgrims on the Mayflower. Background: Goodman John Howland falls over board and then here is the part in question:

"Luckily for him, some sailors noticed and somehow quit laughing long enough to help him up. They sprinted over to a nearby hook and used it to grab him but accidentally grabbed his underwear. He probably had never been more grateful for a wedgie in his life. Goodman Howland was also very thankful to be back on the boat again. He thanked the people for the wedgie and wobbled to the lower deck to readjust his underwear."

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that isn't appropriate in the classical Christian community we are in...and that I lead. Yikes. Looks like he will be readjusting his paper this week.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Out of her mouth

Out of the blue on the way home tonight, P says, "If I get a guinea pig, I'm going to name it Guinea or Fluffy or Concord, New Hampshire."

So, there ya go.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Me: How are you feeling today?
Terrific T: Great
Me: Really?
Terrific T: Oh, you want the truth? I feel awful, like someone is sticking a knife in my stomach and my head hurts.....but I want to keep playing.

He spent the entire day yesterday in bed so I guess he is afraid I'll send him back there if he is "still sick". He is sitting on the floor doing puzzles today, a big step up from yesterday. He started saying he felt bad on Wed so we stayed home from church that night. On Thursday, his throat looked nasty and his blood sugar was low so we knew something was up. I took him in and he had strep. She wanted to prescribe Ammoxicillian, but he is allergic. She prescribed Zythromax , but we found out at the pharmacy that it has Red40 in it (both the liquid and the pills - nice). The pharmacist and doctor talked and came up with Erythromycin for him, since it is a white pill. I don't know if it made him sick or what but he spent pretty much all day yesterday throwing up and moaning. He is still taking it and doing ok today so he either got used to it or had a little tummy bug in there too. So glad he seems to be on the mend, even if he is lying about feeling good.

So, how are you doing today? Really?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tis the Season

With the change in weather (which I am LOVING), so begins the season of illnesses. Strep is making the rounds in O-town and who knows what else. For the past few years, we have all been taking D3 daily during these months. I got my Lucky Vitamin order in today with three new bottles in it (and still had two full bottles and one with a couple capsules in it left over from last year). Time to start us all back on these again. They are cheap and seem to work during the months we aren't getting enough D from the sun.

What do you do to prevent fall/winter illnesses without putting your family in a bubble?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

post of randomness

Not sure if I am tired or stressed or just flat losing my mind, but I checked out a book from the library last week for some mindless reading (I totally judge books by their cover and if it is pretty and I have heard of the publisher, I'll get it. Lame, I know but it rarely fails me.). I started it this weekend and read about 100 pages. It was pretty good. Last night I was wiped out after CC and went straight to bed after we got home at 5:30. I laid there and read until I finished the book about 8. About page 154, it started sounding familiar...like I knew what was coming next. I have totally read this book before. How did I not notice that this weekend when I started and read about 1/2 of it. I still read the rest of the book last, and it was still good. But apparently it isn't very memorable ;)

As for my last post...Thanks for all the kind words (and for calling your BFF to get the scoop, you know who you are ;o) ). It was funny that several people thought it had to do with them and totally different situations. lol. I'm not teetering on the edge of losing it or anything and still don't feel like it is the time to talk about it but it does feel good to just type it out.

In other news. I had the kids Halloween costumed planned...and then a Halloween Express catalog came in the mail (WHY???) and they have changed their minds. Now we are back to square one and just glad I hadn't started making them yet.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

mum's the word

I just wrote an entire blog post about a certain situation that is getting on my very last nerve...then deleted it without posting it. It's better really. Years ago, a very wise person said:

Just because it it true, it doesn't always need to be said.
Just because it needs to be said, it doesn't always need to be said by you.

So...I'm not saying a word, not one single word....even though IMHO, it does need to be said. I am not going to be the one to say it.


hands and feet

Yesterday at CC, we studied our fingerprints, which was very cool. In Science today, we were studying how perfectly God made our hands and feet. We talked about how our hands and feet were created for specific purposes and if you tried to walk on your hands all day, it would be pretty tough. We tried walking around the living room on our hands, which they did ok with as long as they had help...so I upped the ante and had them try to walk upstairs. That was a little tougher ;)

Then they tried opening the front door...with their feet.

He was doing ok until he realized the top lock was locked - haha!

Then on to writing their name...with their feet. Good times...T is ♥ing this ;)

I didn't take pics of them attempting to do things without their thumbs (try snapping without your thumb, for instance) and stopped the game just before they wanted to brush their teeth with their feet.

We also watch a couple of videos about Joni Eareckson Tada, which made us thankful that our hands and feet still work as they were intended!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'll take it!

Tonight, when I was tucking Terrific T in bed, he was hugging me and said, "Having you is better than having a guinea pig."

To some, that might be slightly offensive but I will take that compliment from him and run. He hasn't always been overly affectionate. Just recently, he has become a total Momma's boy and I am loving it (sorry Big Daddy...your turn will come as he gets older). He has been begging for a guinea pig for weeks but we told him he needed to save his money AND be more responsible before we would let him get one. In the past, he bought a little aquarium for his desk and has bought fish, a frog, and little see-through- shrimp things...which have all died. So before we buy a "non flush-able" pet, he needs to learn how to be responsible for his toys, etc. Come to think of it, maybe his statement was saying "Forget responsibility...I've got you and that's good enough." Hmmmm....Nah. I am taking it as "I love you more than the thing I want most" and going to bed a happy Momma :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Beautiful day

We all slept in until 9ish today, which was so nice...and needed.  For some reason Wondermutt wanted to go outside every 2 hours last night. She never does that. Ugh!

At breakfast, Terrific T had a thought: "If mermaids were real, how wrinkly would they be?" That made for some interesting conversation.

School went great and the weather is just perfect right now so we finished up the school day out back, reviewing states and capitals:

And making things out of clay:

The kids are playing nicely together the past few days, which has been awesome.  I think the nice weather has even helped their spirits. Loving it!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

You read that right. Happy Thanksgiving! Many celebrated Labor Day today...the E's celebrated Thanksgiving. We have been studying the Pilgrims this week in school so decided to have a Thanksgiving feast while Big Daddy was off work to help us. Here is Princess P's Mayflower she made last week:

 (thanks to this awesome blog for the idea!)

Wondermutt thought we were nuts...but we pressed on. What does she know anyway?!?

The kids set the table and made a center piece and some pretty place settings using flowers they cut out back and SillyBandz to wrap them up.

Our own little Pilgrim shucked some corn.

Um...yes, she dressed herself.
He did too.

Dinner was yummy - turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, etc. I tried a crock pot apple crisp that I don't recommend. Other than that, it was a success...and that's not to say we skipped the dessert. Oh goodness no. We ate it. It just wasn't very good. As Paige said, "This tastes like that oatmeal that I don't like" and then she finished her bowl.

We considered playing a game of football outback after dinner but we were stuffed. Instead, we settled for racing around like idiots on this wagon. I even took a turn until Big Daddy pooped out and quit pushing me ;o)

I think my favorite part was listening to each person tell what they are thankful for. Terrific T even told me he was listing things he was thankful for while he was showering. It made me laugh when I asked him to tell me 3 things...he said, "God, you, and Sunni (the dog)...oh and food, yes, food is up there too!" I told them our food would go cold if I had to list ALL the things I was thankful for, but these three monkeys are tops on my list. 

I think Big Daddy is thankful that I won't be getting up at 4am tomorrow to go spend a couple hundred dollars on Black Friday shopping ;o) 

What are you thankful for on this fake Thanksgiving Day?


I still haven't finished blogging about my trip to Cambodia earlier this summer. I don't know what my mental road block was but I just kept putting it off. It was such an amazing trip and I know I can't adequately put my thoughts into words so I guess I just filed it away in my brain. Until today. I grabbed what I thought was an empty memory card tonight to take pics of the kids real quickly. It wasn't empty. Out of the 800+ pictures I took on the trip, there was ONE picture that I never saw when I was scrolling through them all when I was home. I looked several times over the next month and then accepted that I wasn't going to find that picture. Until tonight! There were 6 pictures already on this card when I grabbed it and this picture was one of them:

Seems so simple yet brought back a ton of memories. This precious lady was visiting the center while we were there. One (maybe more?) of her children live there. She was thanking me, I think, and kept shaking and rubbing my hands. Now, after a week there, I picked up about 3 words in Khmer so honestly had no idea what she was saying, but it "seemed" like she was telling me my hands were very white and soft. She kept comparing our hands. Her's...dark, rough, calloused. Mine...pale, soft, smooth. We called a translator over to help us out and she was, indeed, amazed by the paleness and softness of my hands. It hit me (and seeing this picture again reminded me) that pretty much every thing she does in her normal daily life, we have machines to do. Really. Dishes - check. Laundry - check. Heck, even transportation - check! Our days here have been hotter temperature-wise than when we were in Cambodia...but we have A/C and just come inside when it is hot out. They try to find shade. There is no nice way to say this...Americans are spoiled. We are white and soft and spoiled.

We asked someone to take a picture of us and they did (I don't even remember who it was - just figured I would get it when I got back home). She found me later and asked me to take one with MY camera. You see, while we were there, my camera=prints. We brought two printers and I took pictures of all 800 kids and a lot of parents too and we printed them on the spot for them. This sweet lady wanted a picture of us to keep. Someone else taking it didn't get her that. I would say that I wonder if she still has it but I'm pretty sure I know the answer to that. I'm printing this up now for myself so I can remember to pray for her now that I'm back in my spoiled lifestyle, and so I will not forget.