Saturday, September 24, 2011


Me: How are you feeling today?
Terrific T: Great
Me: Really?
Terrific T: Oh, you want the truth? I feel awful, like someone is sticking a knife in my stomach and my head hurts.....but I want to keep playing.

He spent the entire day yesterday in bed so I guess he is afraid I'll send him back there if he is "still sick". He is sitting on the floor doing puzzles today, a big step up from yesterday. He started saying he felt bad on Wed so we stayed home from church that night. On Thursday, his throat looked nasty and his blood sugar was low so we knew something was up. I took him in and he had strep. She wanted to prescribe Ammoxicillian, but he is allergic. She prescribed Zythromax , but we found out at the pharmacy that it has Red40 in it (both the liquid and the pills - nice). The pharmacist and doctor talked and came up with Erythromycin for him, since it is a white pill. I don't know if it made him sick or what but he spent pretty much all day yesterday throwing up and moaning. He is still taking it and doing ok today so he either got used to it or had a little tummy bug in there too. So glad he seems to be on the mend, even if he is lying about feeling good.

So, how are you doing today? Really?


  1. Erythromycin will bother your stomach and make you throw up if taken on an empty stomach. Make sure he takes it with food and you should be good. (Trust me, happened to me when I was younger.)

  2. Thanks Michelle. That's what my sister said too. He had it with food every time...just hit him funny, I guess. I started giving him phenergan, then about an hour later feeding him something and giving him the medicine. But he was still throwing up. Today - he has been fine. Very weird.

  3. Poor Little T... praying today is even better.. hugs
    Love you, Mimi


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