Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

You read that right. Happy Thanksgiving! Many celebrated Labor Day today...the E's celebrated Thanksgiving. We have been studying the Pilgrims this week in school so decided to have a Thanksgiving feast while Big Daddy was off work to help us. Here is Princess P's Mayflower she made last week:

 (thanks to this awesome blog for the idea!)

Wondermutt thought we were nuts...but we pressed on. What does she know anyway?!?

The kids set the table and made a center piece and some pretty place settings using flowers they cut out back and SillyBandz to wrap them up.

Our own little Pilgrim shucked some corn.

Um...yes, she dressed herself.
He did too.

Dinner was yummy - turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, etc. I tried a crock pot apple crisp that I don't recommend. Other than that, it was a success...and that's not to say we skipped the dessert. Oh goodness no. We ate it. It just wasn't very good. As Paige said, "This tastes like that oatmeal that I don't like" and then she finished her bowl.

We considered playing a game of football outback after dinner but we were stuffed. Instead, we settled for racing around like idiots on this wagon. I even took a turn until Big Daddy pooped out and quit pushing me ;o)

I think my favorite part was listening to each person tell what they are thankful for. Terrific T even told me he was listing things he was thankful for while he was showering. It made me laugh when I asked him to tell me 3 things...he said, "God, you, and Sunni (the dog)...oh and food, yes, food is up there too!" I told them our food would go cold if I had to list ALL the things I was thankful for, but these three monkeys are tops on my list. 

I think Big Daddy is thankful that I won't be getting up at 4am tomorrow to go spend a couple hundred dollars on Black Friday shopping ;o) 

What are you thankful for on this fake Thanksgiving Day?


  1. Only you could be so creative and fun. What a cool idea and I love that you did this out of order. That's awesome.

  2. What a wonderful, creative idea! Love the pictures!

  3. Love that last picture, and your sweet little pilgrims! :) How fun.

    I am thankful for so many things, mostly my home!

  4. How fun! Love your daughters comment about the dessert, lol.

  5. A few weeks ago a Facebook status caught my attention - "what if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?" It was a reminder to me to thank God for everything - specifically. I am thankful for a wonderful husband, healthy children, encouraging friends, eternal life...and food. Food is up there too. LOL.


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