Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'll take it!

Tonight, when I was tucking Terrific T in bed, he was hugging me and said, "Having you is better than having a guinea pig."

To some, that might be slightly offensive but I will take that compliment from him and run. He hasn't always been overly affectionate. Just recently, he has become a total Momma's boy and I am loving it (sorry Big Daddy...your turn will come as he gets older). He has been begging for a guinea pig for weeks but we told him he needed to save his money AND be more responsible before we would let him get one. In the past, he bought a little aquarium for his desk and has bought fish, a frog, and little see-through- shrimp things...which have all died. So before we buy a "non flush-able" pet, he needs to learn how to be responsible for his toys, etc. Come to think of it, maybe his statement was saying "Forget responsibility...I've got you and that's good enough." Hmmmm....Nah. I am taking it as "I love you more than the thing I want most" and going to bed a happy Momma :)


  1. Oh yes, that comment would have made me smile and melted my heart too. :)

    thanks for your comment today. It means A LOT!

  2. This made me laugh, and reminded me of a tucking-in-bed conversation with Caleb earlier this year... ""My love and God's love goes around you and into your heart" and then 4 seconds later, "I can almost do an arm fart!"


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