Tuesday, September 20, 2011

post of randomness

Not sure if I am tired or stressed or just flat losing my mind, but I checked out a book from the library last week for some mindless reading (I totally judge books by their cover and if it is pretty and I have heard of the publisher, I'll get it. Lame, I know but it rarely fails me.). I started it this weekend and read about 100 pages. It was pretty good. Last night I was wiped out after CC and went straight to bed after we got home at 5:30. I laid there and read until I finished the book about 8. About page 154, it started sounding familiar...like I knew what was coming next. I have totally read this book before. How did I not notice that this weekend when I started and read about 1/2 of it. I still read the rest of the book last, and it was still good. But apparently it isn't very memorable ;)

As for my last post...Thanks for all the kind words (and for calling your BFF to get the scoop, you know who you are ;o) ). It was funny that several people thought it had to do with them and totally different situations. lol. I'm not teetering on the edge of losing it or anything and still don't feel like it is the time to talk about it but it does feel good to just type it out.

In other news. I had the kids Halloween costumed planned...and then a Halloween Express catalog came in the mail (WHY???) and they have changed their minds. Now we are back to square one and just glad I hadn't started making them yet.

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