Tuesday, September 13, 2011

hands and feet

Yesterday at CC, we studied our fingerprints, which was very cool. In Science today, we were studying how perfectly God made our hands and feet. We talked about how our hands and feet were created for specific purposes and if you tried to walk on your hands all day, it would be pretty tough. We tried walking around the living room on our hands, which they did ok with as long as they had help...so I upped the ante and had them try to walk upstairs. That was a little tougher ;)

Then they tried opening the front door...with their feet.

He was doing ok until he realized the top lock was locked - haha!

Then on to writing their name...with their feet. Good times...T is ♥ing this ;)

I didn't take pics of them attempting to do things without their thumbs (try snapping without your thumb, for instance) and stopped the game just before they wanted to brush their teeth with their feet.

We also watch a couple of videos about Joni Eareckson Tada, which made us thankful that our hands and feet still work as they were intended!


  1. Great practical application! I'm wondering though - did you snap these photos using your hands - or feet?

  2. HAHA! Didn't even cross my mind to use my feet but that would have been funny ;)

  3. Your school sounds so fun...can I join?


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