Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Beautiful day

We all slept in until 9ish today, which was so nice...and needed.  For some reason Wondermutt wanted to go outside every 2 hours last night. She never does that. Ugh!

At breakfast, Terrific T had a thought: "If mermaids were real, how wrinkly would they be?" That made for some interesting conversation.

School went great and the weather is just perfect right now so we finished up the school day out back, reviewing states and capitals:

And making things out of clay:

The kids are playing nicely together the past few days, which has been awesome.  I think the nice weather has even helped their spirits. Loving it!


  1. I love those days when we can go outside and do our schoolwork! Oh and um, how winkly WOULD they be?

  2. I need a couple days like this badly. I would even settle for a couple of hours like this.


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