Thursday, June 13, 2013

drawing is more fun than math

There is a slight possibility that I know the real reason that T hates being timed on his math pages. Where is the fun in just doing the problems?

When he had taken 20 minutes to do 3 problems this morning, but had this beautiful art work bordering his page, I offered him $.50 if he beat P, who was also piddling on her math facts sheet today. He did the entire page of 64 problems in about 3 minutes.

I'm working on basic fact review all summer to work on speed. I don't want to stifle his creative, artist mind. That is 100% from God and I don't want to squash it. On the other hand, I would prefer to not spend 3 hours doing a page of math each day, and if left alone, he would have a picture in every box on the page. Here is a post I did on this same topic 3 years ago, so this isn't a new thing for us.

I'm working on a happy medium. He likes doing flashcards, while he swings. So we do that some days. He sometimes likes doing Math Ninja on the ipad, but that depends on his mood. I don't think he has to sit and do a worksheet everyday, but I also think he needs to be able to do one if I ask him to. Right? 

How do you review math facts? Please share so we can add them into the rotation this summer.

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  1. I hear you on this Leslie! My son will take forever on one page! We make it a race. I set the timer for x amount of minutes and say see if you can do x amount of problems. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. I also try to have him work on his math right away in the morning so he can get it done. Last year I also said when he was done with his work book he could get a lego set. When he would get down about doing math, I would mention the lego set and that seemed to perk him up. :)


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