Saturday, June 22, 2013

Let's read...please.

I love to read. There are times I will get a book from the library one day and stay up until 2am until I finish it. Big Daddy likes to read too, which is great! So why, oh why, do none of our kids love reading? We "make" them read everyday, but I so wish we didn't have to make them. I hear rumor of people having to make their kids stop reading to do other things...I'm not asking for that. Just a happy medium of kids that I don't have to force to read and who maybe even enjoy it.

They do love to listen to audio books. At least they have that going for them. They have listened to just about every audio book available at the library, and some on librivox too.

We are doing the summer reading program at the library and they are all doing their reading, but not loving it. So, when I saw this Kindle for sale for $30 (with the case), I jumped on it, hoping to spark an interest in one of them.

I then started googling for free children's books for it and found tons of them. I love the wifi aspect where I can search on my computer and "buy" them from amazon, and they "magically" appear on their Kindle in the other room. That keeps them from searching and I can pick and choose what I load.

So far, it is working. Both T and P have read several books on it, and C came home from camp today and already asked if I would load some things for him on there. Why yes, yes, I will!

I'll always love paper books, but if this makes them read more, who am I to balk at technology?

This book even had pictures every few pages - yay!


  1. I have two that love to read and two that really don't. I hope your new found "fun" reading lasts!!

  2. I tried a Kindle for a while, borrowed from a friend, and didn't really like it for myself...I love the paper book in my hand as well. BUT, I say if your kids are loving it, then it's great! I am not sure that I was a big reader at their age, but I love it now. I could spend hours reading, if I had the time. :)

  3. I agree. I have the kindle app on my ipad but don't love it so barely use it. I like real books, myself. I just figured it was worth a few bucks if they will use it...until the newness wears off, I'm sure ;)


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