Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cooking with Les

Last week, when I told my sister that I was making homemade graham crackers and her immediate text response was, "WHY?!?!"


Now that I have made them, I'm sort of agreeing with her. That was a mess that was totally unnecessary - except to say that we have done it. Really. Who makes homemade graham crackers? This girl does, apparently.

Or did.


I saw the recipe on pinterest and thought, "Les, that would be fun to do with the kids." So I ordered 5 pounds of graham flour from Azure Standard and we were ready to go.

Princess P and I mixed everything up, chilled it for a day, and then cooked up our delicious treats.

Hmmm...I think with enough chocolate and marshmallow, or even a good spoonful of icing, they could be good. However, we each ate one and grabbed the box of Cheese Its (Four Cheese, of course).

Perhaps I should have listened better when my little sis said, "Getting the packages open are sometimes enough work for me."

Oh well, we can say we have done it. Then I whipped up some strawberry/blueberry shortcake and saved the day. Phew.

So now I'm left with approximately 4.75 pounds of graham flour and am googling what in the world to do with it. Crust? Maybe I can do pie crusts. 100 of them. Or maybe I can feed the birds this winter. Yes, that is sounding like a good option.

Any ideas?


  1. LOL I can not believe you MADE grahm your spare time :) You are amazing!!

  2. Another friend of mine made some too. I am laughing here, because I can relate. I've made a few things and then wondered why I went to all the time and money and trouble, when I could easily get them at the store or restaurant. i.e., tamales and fresh spring rolls. BUT, it's fun. I wish I had a suggestion for what you can do with the rest of the graham flour. I do think the birds would love it. :)


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