Sunday, June 2, 2013

Our week in pictures

In an attempt to not fall behind in my blogathon on day two, I'm taking the easy way out and giving you....

~Our Week in Pictures~

I just got an iphone recently and am LOVING being able to take pics everywhere I go. The quality isn't like using a real camera, but the memories are captured so I'm sold!
They made this handy accident waiting to happen with two swings and the old slide. It has been hours of fun!
C is hanging on tight (you can see his hands on the sides) as P pushes him almost upside down.
Then Paige decided to stand up and try it.

Art on the driveway.

Water balloons, homemade ice cream (or a Popsicle if you are lactose intolerant) and wrestling Daddy

LOTS of bad weather = LOTS of missed sleep


And a lost tooth.

And yes, I was there too....


  1. Thankful you are all safe from the bad storms this week... Looks like a fun week ...... the kids crack me up... love you

  2. I love posts like these! Pictures speak a thousand words...:) Thanks for sharing Leslie!


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