Monday, June 3, 2013

Oh, Sit On It!

We picked up a season of Happy Days at the library last week. They kids LOVED it and watched the entire season in 4 days (granted they watched about 4 hours straight one night when I let them sleep in the living room while I watched for tornadoes until midnight, but still...that's a lot of the Fonz). There is one phrase in particular, that really stuck out and made them giggle.

So, in honor of Arthur Fonzarelli, I'd like to present my "Sit on it" list for today.

Sit on it! to all this crazy weather. So many people have died and had their lives torn up in the past few weeks in OK. Bring on the 100* days so we can all complain about how hot it is instead of how many times we've had to clean out the "hidey hole" in a week.

Sit on it! to Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. It breaks my heart to see what my nieces have to go through.  And makes me thankful that we only have allergies to be annoyed with. Perspective!

Sit on it! to my shrinking clothes. Oh wait, maybe I need to quit sitting on it and get moving. Never mind.

Sit on it! to "private callers." Dude, tell me who you are and I may or may not answer the phone, but if you don't tell me who you are, I can guarantee I will let that go to voice mail. Whether you are AMVETS or a politician, just own it and show your face to my caller id. Please.

Sit on it! to these dishes that keep refilling my sink and counters. I swear they climb back out of the cabinets, dirty themselves, and then sit on the counter until I reload them in the dishwasher. At least that is what must be happening since "no one" is using ALL these cups everyday.

And finally...Sit on it! to change. I know that in the end, everything will work out, but I'm a little tired of all these changes going on in our lives. But even with all this change, ONE THING remains, steady and unchanging. There is one thing that is always the same, through the calm and through the storm (I'm on a song lyric kick here, sorry!)....yesterday, today, and forever! And for this, I'm thankful.

I feel much better. I'm not in the habit of focusing on negative things, but it was a little bit fun to write these out....then more fun to see how God changed my heart to focus back on Him in the midst of my snarkiness. Love Him!

Feel free to get any "sit on it"s off your chest in the comments, and then go make it a great Monday. Hey!

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  1. You crack me up! So thankful that at the end if the day, His love never fails and never gives up on me!!!!


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