Friday, June 14, 2013

Oh how I doth loveth some Shakespeare in the Park.

We have a cool spot in downtown Tulsa that does concerts and plays outdoors all the time, for free. This week, they have a fantastic cast of talented people preforming Much Ado About Nothing. Did I mention it is free? I love taking the kids to plays and other live entertainment. You can't go wrong with some Shakespeare either. I was so happy that Big Daddy was home to go with us as I probably would have backed out if I was going alone. I was also excited to have our good friends join us for the evening.

The show didn't start until 9 and lasted until a little after 11. It was a late night, but so worth it for the memories. The tattoos in the crowd alone will be talked about for a while, not to mention the wiener dog in a doll dress (because it wasn't hot enough just being a dog outside?). The kids got soaked at intermission playing in the splash pad (at 10:00pm). Oh, and the play too. It was great! I told C to pay attention because he will be reading this in Challenge in a few years. He about fell over, "THIS IS A BOOK?!?!?!" He apparently didn't loveth it as mucheth as Amy and I.

Here are a few pictures from our evening. They had the coolest digital backdrop that I have ever seen.

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  1. I wish we could've gone with you. Looks like an awesome night of cheap, er, free, family fun!!!


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