Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I am a breaking up fool....

Since I started this blog a few months ago, I have broken up with our life-long insurance agent, our Schwan stalker man, and now I am at it again. This was the hardest one yet - our pediatrician. We love the kids' doctor so much. He is like family. This was a hard one, y'all. We started with Dr. P when Captain C turned 1, so almost 10 years ago! He is awesome. He listens and lets us have a say in things. He trusts us and gives us Godly advice on raising our kids and get this...he prays over our kids at our visits. I think that was my favorite part of our visits. But, due to a few incidents with his staff, we have decided to switch to someone local (he is about 20 miles away and newbie is 2...nice). This has been a very hard decision that we didn't make lightly but we do feel like it is the best thing for our family. I wrote him a very sweet letter this morning...in my head (probably ought to get that on paper)...thanking him for the years of service to us.  And yes, I know we were paying him but he went above and beyond, IMO....when P was a baby, she was sent to the Infusion Clinic for fluids. His associate, who we adore too, gave us her cell number and kept calling to check on us. I mean, they really do care about their patients.

I came home from football practice tonight to a message from Dr. P. He was so sweet and said he received the request for records and we picked a great group and to please let him know if we ever needed anything. It was so sweet. I assume he thinks we left just for the location (when we started together we were in the same town, then he moved south and we moved north and the distance IS a pain, but we wouldn't have left just for that). So now my dilemma....I am going to send him a thank you note (not just in my head), but do I include the real reason we are leaving or leave it alone? It was serious enough for me to leave, and you know that I have issues with that, so I kinda feel like I should tell him, but should I? Help!


  1. Yes, I would definitely make him aware. You seem to have a very good relationship with him and his business will only lose more great clients if whatever this "issue" is isn't addressed. I'd be willing to be he is unaware of the problem and will be thankful to you for bringing it to his attention. Good Luck with whatever you decide.


  2. "willing to bet" that is, lol

    ~Jen (Again)

  3. I agree, Jen. Thanks for confirming it for me. I don't want to be a trouble maker but it does need to change. Thanks for reading and responding!!

  4. I think it's ok to tell him. I know you will do it in a nice way. We left a doctor b/c of that once. We loved him, but the staff was "yuck". I'm sure you are not the only one of his patients to feel this way. He does need to know. good luck! :)

  5. Thanks for posting about relationship editing with such honesty and humor. I especially enjoyed reading your account of breaking up with the Schwan man. Sometimes editing is just the right and necessary thing to do. I am currently seeking a new hair stylist and a medical doctor.


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