Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Breaking up for the non-confrontational

It only took about 4 months but I think we finally, successfully, broke up with our Schwan man this week. Phew. I thought we would have to get a restraining order. Or worse, I would have to actually ask him to quit coming. Turns out that I am more in the avoidance camp on some things. I started my relationship with the man in the traveling freezer out of convenience earlier this year. As a homeschooling, working from home mom, having food delivered right to my door was like a dream come true. Except...we didn't really like the food. Sure it was quick and easy...but we only seemed to like the ice cream and desserts and not the meals, which was the point really. So, when he showed up,  I started telling him we didn't need anything. He started acting annoyed, accusing me of cheating on him with WalMart. So I started not answering the door. Sure, it is hard to keep 3 kids and a dog quiet every other Friday afternoon, but it was worth it to not get the grief that "you haven't ordered for TWO MONTHS!" He would mope back to his van and look so offended. We successfully avoided him for another month, including the day I was at the self-check lane at WalMart and he was directly across from me checking himself out. I have never been SO interested in making sure I bagged my groceries correctly as I was that day, just to avoid looking up and making eye contact.

But last Friday, when we heard him coming and all ran to our hiding spots, he kept on driving, right past our house. We waiting, in case it was a trick. Then quietly snuck out of our hiding places and rejoiced.

It is over. Back to shopping at WalMart with the rest of the town. All is well.

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