Friday, August 13, 2010

What's in your cabinet?

Tricky T and Princess P woke up with nasty coughs this morning. I'm not sure if it is from being out in the night air last night to see the ONE shooting star we saw (still worth it but would have been nice to see a few more!), or from the little baby we babysat this week that had a cold, or just normal seasonal allergies starting to flair up. Whatever the reason, I wanted to start all of us on our D3 to try to boost our immunity so we stay well. I started digging in my vitamin cabinet and ended up with this pile.

I started to panic when I didn't see any D3 but I found one lone jar...better reorder soon. I apparently have a fear of running out of vitamins! This doesn't even show the opened ones in the bathroom and fridge. Yikes.

What do you take on a regular basis? As needed? Just have stashed up in there to make you feel better that it is there even though you will likely never even break the seal? Do share.....

Our stash: The kids take the Pre-Vites daily for their daily vitamin. Children's fish oil for T daily and sometimes P and C as needed for a crappy attitude. B-Complex as needed for my own crappy attitude. Fish oil and flax seed oil that I normally forget to take...for my memory. I believe the ginger root was for when I was pregnant...which I haven't been in 5 1/2 years. Probably ought to toss that one. The L-Glutamine was for when Big T was working out at the Y every morning...which has been a few years ago. And everyone needs some Probiotic Acidophilus to take up space on their shelves, right?

Now, please make me feel better and share your stash.


  1. Just have to say, your cabinet looks much better than my cabinet! I've got ALL SORTS of who knows what that we took for who knows what who knows how long ago. Then there are all the bottles on my kitchen window that I SHOULD be taking but can't now because I throw them all up, but one day I will take them again. :-) Thanks for the reminder about the fish oil for the kids, though, I have some attitudes that could use a little (or alot) of help! I tried the Bcomplex for mine, but alas, no luck!! It didn't stay in long enough I guess.
    But way to go for having your cabinet stocked with good stuff! :-)

  2. haha - That was just the vitamin shelf. The other shelf has the is scary. I did throw some of this out before putting it back up there.
    And I hope you get to start taking (and keeping) your good stuff again soon too!! Not too much longer, right?


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