Monday, August 30, 2010


I am thirty...something, and apparently don't know how to play. The kids like to make up games. Honestly, I hate their made up games. I don't know the rules, don't know how to win, and really have better things to do. But....I suck it up and put on my smile and play, for at least a few minutes ;o) Tonight, Terrific T had a game "all set up in his room for me". How can you turn that down? Heading up stairs, I am actually praying for Monopoly. I get in the room and there is a hot wheels box that is a "cave" and several Transformers (one clearly marked good guy and one clearly marked bad guy...only I can't tell the difference). In the cave is another Transformer that is "dying" and "stuck" (looked to me like it was also missing some parts, but what do I know). I was the good guy and supposed to go save him. I never seem to do it right and end up with T playing and me watching, which is fine with me too. Sometimes I am lucky enough to catch a quick nap while he plays next to me. Tonight, I spent about 20 minutes attempting to transform a Transformer (how in the world is a kid supposed to do that?). I have no idea what the final result was supposed to be but I am pretty sure I wasn't even close. Oh well, he is happy that he got his quality time need met and I am happy that his room was clean enough for me to play in it with him. Now he is playing with Princess P. Same game, I think, based on the sound effects coming from the living room, but for some reason, they both seem to know "how to play".  Their imaginations amaze me. I need rules and examples. They just play. And they have a blast. I don't know if more practice would help or if I am just too far gone for hope.

When did I get too old to just play?

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  1. Practice practice practice, that is what I think.

    Big T


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