Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reason #874 Why we can't move...

I just dug out the first day of school pics for the kids and put them side by side. I seem to have lost (only misplaced, I hope) Aug 2007 in my picture files so C is missing his 2nd grade pic and T's preschool pic :( I know I lost my entire hard drive during that time so must not have had that month backed up. This is the reason that I now have 3 external hard drives with everything double and triple backed up :(

First - here they all are on their first days of Kindergarten. [The polka-dot socks on P were a compromise...she wanted to wear striped ones with her plaid shoes.]
And here are their individual comparisons. If we ever move, we will have to have it written in the contract that we get to come back on the first day of each year to take pictures. It would appear that 2008 was our laid back year ;)


  1. I can NOT believe how big they are getting... great pictures to compare... love it... Mimi

  2. I love these and that you took them at the same place every year. You are right, there is NO way you can move! :)


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