Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Awesome date night.

Big Daddy and I have been trying to have individual dates with the kids again lately. Tonight was my turn with Terrific T. He was hilarious. He normally doesn't say all that much. Apparently he had been holding back for some one-on-one time because he seriously talked from the time we backed out of the driveway until...well, right now he is upstairs telling Captain C every detail while they are supposed to be sleeping ;) It was awesome. We talked about everything from what he wants to be when he grows up [He wants to be in the army so he can die and then someone save him so he can write a book and be a preacher and give people his book....we saw Don Piper speak last year. I suggested he skip the army and dying and just be a preacher if that is his end goal anyway!] to the longest hotdog ever made and everything in between. At one point during dinner, he had to go to the bathroom. He comes back out with a penny and proceeds to tell me, excitedly, that he found this penny just sitting on the floor next to the toilet. Nice. I sent him back in to rewash his hands and we wrapped the penny in a napkin so the waiter didn't touch it too. Some things you don't think to tell your kids....new rule: Unless it is more than $5, if it is sitting near a public toilet, you leave it there.

Anyway, we had dinner at Hideaway and then wandered around Bass Pro Shop so he could see the fish and animals. It was a great night...looking forward to my next date! Here are a few pics I took with my crappy phone. Better than nothing, I guess.


  1. Thanks for doing that, it was awesome watching him come home so excited. You are a great mom.
    Big T

  2. Looks like you had fun. We need to take pointers from you. We stay at home for special time while the other is at an activity. Hmmm... I like your idea MUCH better!


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