Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dear Big Daddy, I'm Sorry.

I know how you like those words...and in public even. Love ya!!

OK, here's the scoop. I was in the shower yesterday and see a cup full of suspicious looking liquid. It was the cup that I use to hold water when I shave my legs so I don't have to turn around and rinse the razor and accidentally wash the shaving cream off my know the cup. The liquid was VERY suspicious looking. I yelled out the shower door for Big Daddy, because he was the last one to shower before me, "Did you PEE in a cup in the shower????" He was totally offended that I would think that and said no but he saw it in there and thought it looked like pee too. I dumped it out and washed the shower and then moved on to interrogate the kids (oh, I had finished showering and dressed in the mean time). C always showers upstairs so he was out. T was about to shower after me so he was not first on my list. Which leaves P. How in the world could P have pee'd in a cup...that would be some talent, my friends! I asked her if she saw that cup in there and she lit up, "Oh, that's my special sauce." Deep breath, Mom. "Honey, what is IN your special sauce?" "Water and soap. Lots of soap."


In case anyone every comes across this issue in the future....Bath and Body's Warm Vanilla Sugar body wash, mixed with water, could possibly resemble pee. Maybe a sniff test would be wise before you start falsely blaming your loved ones for things.

So, back to the point of this post. Again, Big Daddy, I apologize that I thought you would have pee'd in a cup in the shower. Thanks for clarifying that if you needed to pee in there, you would aim directly for the drain. I'll know better next time.


  1. I forgive you. It still hurts, but I forgive.

    Big Daddy

  2. Funny!

    I'm glad Big Daddy is very forgiving. :)

    I love that she called it her special sauce! lol.

  3. That's soooo funny! Nathan calls his "experiments" - cups of water with lots and lots of toothpaste.


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