Monday, August 2, 2010

Master of good intentions

Is there some kind of award for having good intentions? If so, sign me up. I am a master! However, I am in desperate need for a remedial "follow through" class. Any of those around? Again, if so, sign me up! UGH. I hate being this way...and yet, don't change. Why is that? I love planning (I'm sure Big Daddy is laughing reading this) but the actual doing is where I struggle. It isn't so much that I am lazy (I am...but that isn't the worst of it all), I just get distracted VERY easily. Like now, for instance, I was cleaning my room and listening to a song on youtube, so had my laptop open...and something in the song made me think of my lousy follow through on my good intentions and this blog post started writing itself in my head, so I stopped to type. I am now remembering that I also started the washer to fill before I started cleaning my room but when I went to get clothes to put in, I saw my room so stopped to clean it. So now we have 1 - washer full of soappy water and 1 - room that is 1/2 clean and 1 - blog post that is 1/2 done. So....good intentions and nothing finished...again. UGH! Just to break this cycle, I am going to end this post now. See, I can finish something! Wow - I feel much better!

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