Friday, August 13, 2010

Saddle up yer horses.

Tricky T and Princess P decided today that they wanted to treat us to a "show" tonight. It was awesome...starting with T picking a little tune out on his borrowed princess banjo and acting surprised that an audience was there. So Branson ;) Love it!

They even gave away door prizes which included this fabulous fake razor (handy for the fake beards that both T and P were sporting).

It was a nice ending to a long week! They are both hoarse but that didn't slow them down one bit. However, it is possible that it made P a little emotional, as seen here in a cry fest that lasted approximately 3 seconds before the show completed. Too funny to not get a picture of, right?

I can't wait for puberty ;) They are now all watching a movie in the playroom and hopefully going to fall asleep before it is over. I am ready for the weekend....even if the slight sicknesses did change our plans.


  1. OMG. I love that!!! I love how their little minds are so creative. The last picture is HILARIOUS. Sweet girl!

  2. I had to come back over here and look at the Princess and her beautiful, melt-down photo. Cracks me up!! That was how I felt all last week ;)

  3. That was really KayJay--oops!


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