Thursday, June 3, 2010

Breaking up is hard to do...

Big T has been with the same auto insurance dude since '87. Really. That's 23 years, people. No one better accuse him of having commitment issues ;) And it isn't without merit.... Mr. Farmers really is a nice guy. He is always friendly when we chat about coverage and very prompt with both his Christmas and Birthday cards every year. We've never had a single issue or reason to break up...until now. We have found someone else. Sure, they are both just as beautiful on the outside and even both wear the same impressive 100/300/100 size...but Ms. AAA can do something that Mr. Farmers will never be able to do....she's leaving us with money in our pocket! Like, we are kicking ourselves at just how much we will be saving by switching. Last week, we added in a motorhome to the two cars already covered (a whole other post for a whole other day!) and will be saving $900+ a year.  Money talks, y'all and as of 5:02pm tonight, we are having an affair. See, we are currently double insured until we get the nerve up to call Mr. Farmers up and break up with him. I told Big T that I would do it since I haven't been involved in this relationship quite as long (just 13 years) so it won't hurt as much but I am still dreading making that call tomorrow. I have his email....but it would be tacky to break up over email...right? I know, I know. I will man up woman up and make the call....soon.

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  1. It would SO be a breakup over email with him. Gosh! Go T for staying power! ;)


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