Saturday, June 5, 2010

Little life lessons (aka. money talks)

Our first born is 10. He is all about making a buck. You can get him to do just about anything for some cash. Last year, he started mowing the front yard, then the front and back yard, and then moved up to mowing Grandma and Grandpa's yard too and was able to save a big chunk of change before the year was over. I think he is the only person in Oklahoma who was dying for the grass to grow this year so he could start mowing. I should also mention that lately he has started with an oh so enjoyable, pre-teen attitude that has got to go. If you thought the terrible 2's were fun, just wait! So this morning, I asked him if he would run out and mow the front yard before it gets too hot. He mumbled something but didn't do it. I gave it about 30 minutes without mentioning it again, then sunscreened up and went out to mow it myself. I didn't say a word. When he realized what I was doing, he started in with 150 excuses (mostly blaming me for him not mowing yet) and was trying to take over. Too late. I ignored his pleas and finished the front yard. When I quit (thankfully, I couldn't hear the whining with the mower running), he was right back by my side making more excuses. I was so proud of myself for being so calm and not getting agitated with him (which is SO easy to do these days). He is sulking but I think he actually learned something today. We will see if he remembers it when I ask him to mow the back in a bit ;)

A friend told me recently that they are at the age that they are deciding what kind of men they will be. I am praying that we can shepherd him in the right direction so he can grow up to be a Godly, responsible young man. Goodness, parenting is hard!


  1. I have no doubts that is a very important stage in their can do. OH and i'm sending extra prayers your way! :)

  2. I personally always said that 12 mimics 2 times 10 it is an age when they try to metaphoracially take 2 steps away from "holding your hand" only to run back and want "mamas hand again" likewise for 3 to 13 all the way until they are 19 and then....

    Guess what turns out 22 is equal to 2 times 20 in my opinion yes they are certain they know everything ! However the still do want the reasurrance of "mamas hands / only this time with the cash and the cash is the only important part forget the advice."

    There is a song ... "The times they are a changing" talks about how the parents road is getting way old and times have changed so very much, goes on to say basically parents if you can't solve the problems get out of the way.

    I have to say on the 20 something go around for me myself and I. I am taking the "get out of the way"
    I have a very dear friend who loves this fraze
    she tells them when they will not take advice , then it comes with zero cash and she will always tell them "good luck with all of that" in regards to the childs plan.

    It is difficult to watch a 2 year old fall and scrape his knee when learning how to walk or bump his head. When the scrapes are harder and deeper and the bumps are bigger to mend it is even tougher as a parent to sit and watch without saying a word.

    My friends who are older tell me they get to mid thirties and all of the sudden a light bulb goes on and they realize what we were trying to tell them for so very many years! Frankly I can't wait in the mean time I am in the phase where I am one of the dumbest folks in the world but who knows a light bulb is likely only 8 years away for me and then I can be if I am still here to live to tell about it I am likely to be the smartest person they know!

    Society has changed so much from the generations when a 14 year old was getting married and having their own family now we have years and years of all these tough things to live thru with our children. I will pray for you.

  3. Thank you so much for that reply. I wish I knew who you were. do you blog? I would love to follow you!


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