Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Casting all my cares on Him.

I am a worrier. And I do it really well. If something comes up, I like to google it to death and read the worst case scenario and know all the details. I especially like to bring it up over and over to Big T...he loves this when he is trying to fall asleep ;) Today, I had a little heath scare with my middle kiddo. Something was just off and it kinda freaked me out a bit. However, a couple of hours into worrying (and googling), I remembered our Pastor's message on Sunday morning. He said that if you can worry, you can meditate. Think about it. Meditation and worrying are basically the same thing, thinking about something over and over. Why not switch from worrying (over something that I can't change anyway) to meditating on God's Word and enjoying the comfort he offers. We had done all we could do (we are still being cautious, not being stupid and ignoring anything) so there was no need to worry to death. The kids and I prayed and then we cranked up with some worship songs and went about our day, trusting that the peace of God would transcend all understanding.  And we enjoyed our day.

Try it. Next time you start worrying, go to the Word and find a verse you can meditate on. Or fill your mind (and home) with praise music. It is hard to be worrying and praising the Lord :o)


  1. I didn't ever think of you as a worrier. I am a huge worrier. I love the idea of meditating instead. Also, the music is a great distraction. That always helps me....I can get so focused on worry, but if I find a distraction, I calm down.

    I hope all is ok!!! :)

  2. I never thought of you as a worrier either. You seem to always have it all together. I'm glad things turned out better than what you were worried they would be. You're such a good example to me. Thank you for that.


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