Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm obsessed

For some reason this week, it just dawned on me that I have THREE kids to teach next year...actually that would be 3 kids to start teaching in about 6 weeks. Sure, I taught Princess P last year too...but not really. PreK is just for fun, IMO. She learned her memory work right along with the boys, but there isn't the pressure for me to really TEACH them before Kindergarten. So, this year, I'll be teaching a 5th grader (yikes!), 2nd grader, and Kindergartener. Oh My! I usually get obsessed with choosing curriculum back in May, even before we finish up the current school year. But, for some reason, it slipped my mind this year. Maybe because we are so loving Classical Conversations so know we are doing that again this year...I don't know. Still, with CC, I need to get Math, Language Arts, Bible, etc lined up on my own.
So this week, if you wondered where I had been, I have been up to my eyeballs in curriculum. Searching online, visiting Mardels (and for the first time ever...leaving Mardels without spending a dime - wow), asking friends, reading message boards, etc. I think I have a plan in my head now and just need to get it on paper and start hunting for the best deals (that is a game in itself...I like to put the retail prices in a list and see how much I can beat it by - haha).
Oh, and for some strange reason, I am also obsessed with cleaning out the rooms upstairs. It looks like we might end up having a garage sale at some point this summer (or's too hot now). I would prefer to just donate it all, but the kids are itching to make a little money so I might have to suck it up - ugh.
I am trying to figure out what to do with an extra room upstairs. We already turned the playroom into a playroom/school room...but we never use it for school. We always end up back down at the kitchen table, our bed, or the couch. We also have a craft room up there that used to be the guest room but we gave that bed to P when she outgrew her toddler bed so now it is just a junk/catch all room. I am considering moving my office up there (but it is so handy down here) or making that an extended school room....wonder if Big Daddy would let me knock out part of a wall....hhhhmmmmmm.....


  1. I know...but I love having it downstairs. It is right off the kitchen and so handy. But it would also be nice to "go to work" and "leave work" instead of grazing work all day long ;) I think I am going to make it a school-ish room. Get a bookcase and bean bags and make a reading area, etc. Searching craigslist now ;)


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