Friday, July 2, 2010

We love you, Ms. Hannigan!

Do you ever have days when you feel like Ms. Hannigan? Today was one of those days when it was annoying me just to hear the kids laughing and cutting up. ("Do I hear happiness in there?") Why? No idea. Really, they are good kids. Today was just one of those days where everything (and everyone) bugged me. I always say if more than one person is bugging you, it is most likely YOU with the problem and not them. So I clearly have a problem b/c a lot of people are bugging the fire out of me...including those that I love the most.

Although it wouldn't have killed the bank teller to fork over a couple of lollipops to keep the kids from asking for the next 5 minutes why they didn't give them lollipops, would it?

Now to watch the fireworks from our front yard b/c Princess P stepped on a bee (that I had just thrown out of the pool when I was cleaning it - oops) and got stung. Her piggy looks like a vienna sausage sticking out of her little foot. So we hated to make her walk/stand at the high school :(

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  1. Oh Les, without a doubt it's YOU, my friend. And here's a tip for your next banking experience: ASK the teller for the cheap suckers. It's simply not worth it to listen to the kids' complain. Tell P I'm sorry about her foot. I wonder if you send her limping down the hallway and Big T jumps out and scares the tar out of her, if she'll forget about the pain? Be sure to film it so the counselor knows exactly what P's talking about years from now. :)


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