Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sleep....who needs it?

ME! That's who! Last night, I was stupid. Big Daddy was gone and I was trying to stay awake to get more work done, so at 9:30, I drank two Emergen-C drink mixes as a slushy. They said "for health and energy". I figured it would give me a little boost to keep me going for a couple of hours. I don't know what is in those little packets but I was still thinking about it at 2am when I finally made myself lay down and attempt to sleep. It took about an hour for me to finally fall asleep after that! I am one spoiled little lady that gets a good 8 solid hours every.single.night......except last night. I'm tired, folks!

Thankfully the kids slept like logs. I came out to the living room about 1 to get a book and saw Terrific T sprawled out on the couch. He wanted to sleep on the couch with Daddy gone. Princess P is still asleep in his bed right now at 9:30am (she wanted to be near C). At least someone will be rested today!

PS. I was cleaning our school cabinet out earlier today and T and P found a page of tattoos and covered themselves ;)

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