Thursday, July 29, 2010

kids vs. dog

Sometimes, I wish my kids obeyed as well as my dog. Maybe it was the 2 months she spent in prison being trained that made her just thankful for her freedom but I really like being able to give a command and it happen. Not so much with my kiddos. Maybe I need to spout off 2 word commands to them instead of wasting words with fluff. You think that would help? Oh to be able to say, "Get dressed" and not hear, "But I got dressed yesterday....and this isn't very dirty...and I'm right in the middle of my game....and I don't want to wear that, it's not pink....and blah, blah, blah, whine, whine, whine." How nice if snapping my fingers would make them run to their crate, I mean room. Ahhhh....obedience.

However, they are kids, not dogs or robots, and I would haven't it any other way. My dog hasn't been making a stack of gifts on the fireplace for me for the past week, just dying for it to be my birthday. Sure, they are mostly things they found around the house...that they will likely want back (aka. their favorite Webkinz...they love it, so why wouldn't I?). Princess P found a rock in the yard a few weeks ago that I told her was pretty so she gave it to me. Yesterday, she asked for it back because, "you liked it so much I want to give it to you for your birthday." Ok, so they might not obey "all the way, right away, with a happy heart" but they don't lick themselves in public or pee outside (very often) and I sure do love them, so I think I'll keep 'em ;o)

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