Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bless You

I have a hard time with people who beg for attention. Honestly, it totally shuts me down. You know what I am talking about. People that are constantly needing a pat on the back or reassurance that people care. It's tiring.

We are born egocentric, but should outgrow it at some point, right? I see this in my kids and am trying to curb it. They will do something and look around to make sure you are looking. While I am happy to pat THEM on the back (they are pretty awesome - haha), we would like to teach them to look to the Lord for approval and not to others. It is ok to do something totally cool and only you and God know.

I had dinner with a couple of sweet friends last night. One is having a legitimate issue with someone else and instead of being hateful, she is praying for that person. Praying blessings for her children, marriage, finances, etc.  Wow. That hit home with me. Instead of being annoyed at someone, when they clearly are insecure and crying out for attention, I am going to start praying for them.

So.....if you happen to suddenly fall into many blessings, who knows, maybe I am praying for YOU ;)


  1. Girl, I love this blog. I like your honesty! I get beat down and tired with the people that think it's all about them, their problems, their needs, their issues. BUT, I love to hear what your friend said about praying for them instead. It's less stressful than fighting it and being annoyed. I am going to try that.


  2. ps...I put that broccoli salad recipe in the comments on my blog post. I hope you will try it! It's to die for, seriously!

  3. Definitely a lesson we all could learn.


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