Friday, June 11, 2010

Thankful for Strep ;)

I finally had to take Terrific T to the doctor today. He just wasn't getting better and now started complaining about his throat. It wasn't bad enough to keep him from eating at CiCi's and swimming last night...or from swim lessons today, but he said his chest hurt too today so they squeezed him in. I didn't go into details on that last post, but he had been waking up feeling shaky and having really low blood sugar. I called the nurse on Wed and she said to just bring him in when he is healthy and they would check him over. Hmmm...Ok? Due to other family members with diabetes, that is always in the back of our minds so we were trying to not worry and praying for the best. He also has had a rash all week. Turns out he has Fifths Disease.  The doctor wanted to swab him for strep but I told her "We don't ever get strep" and than ate my words 5 minutes later when it came back positive. 1st time for everything, I guess ;) She said that the low blood sugar was due to the body fighting off an infection, the strep (might need to educate their nurses a little better, ya think?). Needless to say, we are thrilled that little t has much better than the alternative.  Just poking t a few times this week has given us a much great appreciation for the reality that my little niece with type 1 diabetes, and all the others with this awful disease, live with daily :( We love you, N, and will keep on praying!!!

And on a side note, looks like its time to take Captain C to the eye doctor again. He couldn't read a sign on the wall from across the exam room (we spent a good hour in there waiting to be seen so had lots of times for mommy tests ;) ). Last year on Easter, he asked us why they put words on the screen at church if no one can read them...and got glasses the next week. Looks like we might need to revisit that prescription soon!

[I just realized that you can see the rash on t's hand in my photo blog today - oops!]


  1. I am so glad you were able to get into the doc and find out what is going on with Mr. t. Hopefully he'll feel better soon.

  2. a big fat PHEW!! Hope the little guy feels better soon. And heaven help all those who swam today. ;)

  3. Just found this blog! It's been a while since I have read blogs. I LOVE IT!! It's officially added to the favorites, so I will read it often. Can't wait to read your thoughts.
    Glad t is better today. Katie made him a get well card on her computer this afternoon and then realized she can't print from her computer! :-( So let him know she was at least thinking about him!

  4. p.s. are those YOUR legs in the ruby high heels? :-)


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