Monday, October 1, 2012

blogging through the alphabet {e}

In the E house this month, E is for Eating Right!

We started today on a month long challenge with CC friends to eliminate processed food from our family's diet. This summer, I did this for one week on my 7 challenge and we all survived. How hard can a month be? Well, let's see....the Tulsa State Fair is this week, all my family is coming in for a week for my cousin's wedding, and T is already asking what we will do about Halloween candy. So I guess it can be pretty hard. But we are going into this with a plan and grace and going to be happy with eating better, even if we aren't eating perfect.

We made a menu last night from meals found on the 100 Days of Real Food blog, and I was all set to go to the grocery store today but couldn't make myself go. The grocery stores we normally use have bales and bales of hay at the entrance and even just walking through them makes my throat start to close. So P and I went to Aldi instead and Big Daddy said he'd hit the big store tonight for everything else we need.

I was so pleased with all the goodies I found at Aldi though. I found out last time we did this that their Pita Chips only have 3 ingredients (pita bread, palm oil, and sea salt) - yay. The kids like having a snack that they think is a snack so this fits that bill. They also had tons of fruit and veggies (I missed the Bountiful Basket this week - oops) and even almond milk and natural peanut butter.

So day one: Breakfast was apples and peanut butter or cinnamon/sugar (Big Daddy had oatmeal - I need to work on breakfasts better!). Lunch was a green smoothie (spinach, greek yogurt, banana, strawberry, almond milk - all from Aldi!) and homemade pitas with peanut butter and honey on them and some grapes. I took one sip of the smoothie and passed but the kids all three drank a FULL glass of it.  I've cut up some limes and am adding them to my water to make me drink more h2o also. So far, so good!

Oh, C even asked if he could have a "snack sized pepper" when I got home. Ummmm....Sure! Funny that they will try and eat things if there aren't any other choices ;)

For dinner, we made homemade chicken nuggets (cut up chicken breasts, dipped them in the Greek yogurt and bread crumbs and baked them), mashed potatoes and Zucchini Chips. Yum! The kids didn't 'love' it all but they did clear their plates so they could have dessert....which was a clementine ;) C is eating a red bell pepper as we speak and T just came in asking for one too. Aldi had a bag of these cute little snack sized peppers. I might have to go back for another bag before the week is over!

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    1. LOL. Glad to help. Now get on it ;)

  2. I think you have a good plan going. I heard that if you eliminate the bad stuff 90% of the time, and give yourself grace the rest of the time, it makes a huge difference. I need to start on that! :)) I can say I have eaten better in the last couple of years than ever before. I know I highlight sweets at times on my blog, etc, but I eat so many more fruits and veggies, get my vitamins and flax. By the way, I just started buying a blue corn chip with flax, Target brand, it only has a few ingredients. They are delicious and not greasy like other chips. I'm hooked. Your pita chips made me think to tell you that. C eating that pepper makes me laugh!

    ps. Thanks for your compliment on my truffles. What I didn't share is that the oil started separating from my candy coating about halfway through, so the remaining cake balls {that were not photographed} were hideous. :)

    1. Those chips sound great. Thanks! And no need to confess the pictures you don't show - no proof, right? ;)

  3. Exactly, and even though they weren't pretty, we still ate them! :)


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