Saturday, September 29, 2012

blogging through the alphabet {d}

D is for Diabetes.

My sweet niece was diagnosed almost 4 years ago with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. She blows us away with her bravery as she deals with this every day.

The past few years, we have walked in our local JDRF walk in her honor. JDRF is a great organization that raises money to find a cure for this awful disease. If you can, I'd love it you would donate a little to our walk fund. If you are local, we'd be thrilled to have you walk with use. Either way, please pray for the children that are living this T1D and pray for the people searching for a cure!

Click here for more information about my niece and our walk team :)

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  1. I think of your sweet niece often. She sounds like such a brave little girl!

    Always praying for a cure.

    1. Thank you, Nicolle! You are so sweet. Praying there will be a cure for Noelle and Kevin soon!

  2. Leslie, such a nice note about our sweet Noellie Bellie.. she is a very brave little girl... wise beyond her years.. we all love her to pieces... Hope your walk is good..


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