Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kids Say...

P is reading a book and just asked, "When words are bumpy, does that mean they are singing?" LOL! Sometimes, P, but sometimes they are just that way for emphasis. ;o)

During Bible today, I asked them what three languages the Bible was originally written in and T promptly answered, "Greek, Hebrew, and King James." Close! ;o)

What have your kids said lately that made you chuckle?

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  1. I will always remember when I was laying in bed with C talking to him before he went to sleep and we were talking about Noah's Ark.... I told him God told Noah to bring in 2 of each animal, Male and Female.. and He said, "Mimi, I don't think they had EMAIL on the Ark..." He was about P age.. still makes me smile ... love these kids...


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