Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Costumes 2000-2011

I couldn't just buy a costume that anyone might have, so made him a fish out of felt. It seemed appropriate to make him an animal since we were headed to "Arktoberfest" at our church.

Cute little elephant!

Wearing Big T's vest from when he was little and feeling mighty big.

C loved LarryBoy this year (from VeggieTales). Poor T got stuck being Bob the Tomato.

Recycled the fish to be Captain Hook's sidekick.

Ninja, Kitten, and Monster.
 I can't find 2006! AAHHHH!

Pink Dragon, Lego, and...yep, poor middle child hand-me-down LarryBoy.

Penguin and Hello Kitty Cowgirl. C was Indiana Jones but I didn't take a pic before he took his coat and hat off.

Bag of Cheetos, Mermaid, and Mountain Boo

Mr. T, a Mime, and a 50s girl.

Dr. C, Hippie, and a Librarian.

I hope T gets well so we can dress up tonight. Our church is doing a reverse trick or treat to the houses instead of taking candy. We don't want to miss!


  1. Oh man, the memories those kids have given us. Good times. I still remember C sleeping with his eyes open after eating all that candy his first halloween.

  2. This is great! Fun to look back...where has the time gone? Great memories!!!


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