Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve

Princess P got herself all dolled up for a wedding yesterday. Our sweet neighbor gave her a bunch of her old dresses and costumes and she loves them. She was all prepared to marry Terrific T who apparently got cold feet and backed out on her. She made the best of her hard work dressing up and had a tea party with her babies instead. I came in her room and found, of course, had to take pics. Looks like a perfect New Year's Eve tea party. Oh and thanks to Aunt SJ and Uncle W for the tattoo kit for Christmas. P is one classy princess!!

We are fairly boring and like to spend New Year's Eve at home...we aren't party people and would rather just be with our family. So last night we rented a Redbox movie and had crabbies and sparkling grape juice with the kids. They loved it and were in bed at 10:45....we watched the ball drop in NYC at 11 and went to sleep ourselves. Big Daddy and Captain C got up earlier, but little T, P and myself all slept until 10 this morning. It was lovely! Here are a few pics from last night, watching Dick Clark and having some snacks.

 Sneaking the last crabbie while the others watch tv ;)

Happy New Year!!


  1. Looks like a perfect NYE! Love the plate :) Happy New Year!!!

  2. What a darling little tea party!! And the perfect way to end one year and head into another...

  3. Love the pictures. We are not really party people either. I would have been in bed at 8 pm if I could have. What are crabbies?? They look good.


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