Sunday, January 2, 2011

Another day. Another owie.

Or could be titled...."Anyone have a spare bubble?"

Princess P gets hurt. A lot. And there is no distinguishing between her "really hurt" cry and "hurt feelings" cry. She is a weeeeeeeee bit dramatic. So today, when I heard her coming in from the garage crying, I started to ignore it but it sounded different so I jumped up. Big Daddy was following her in and said, "She really is hurt!" because she comes in crying most days over something minor. Even Terrific T later said, "I knew she was hurt when Daddy came right over." It definitely could have been a LOT worse, we know that, but in her little world, it was devastating. She was playing with Big Daddy's old bb gun (that doesn't was his from when he was little) and got her finger somehow stuck somewhere on it. I took this picture tonight, about 4 hours later and it is still swollen. The scar on her pointer finger right next to this new owie was from a few months back when she was cutting wood with the boys and cut her finger instead of the limb. Do you think this is why God gave us so many fingers? Maybe He knew we would bang a few of them up and need some spares. Or maybe it was just so we can type faster. Hmm. Anyway, I figured this was as good as anything for my photo for today.

Princess P's battle wounds.

Oh and Nicolle, I'll post the Crabbie recipe for you tomorrow. It is yummy!!

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  1. Awwww, poor baby! That looks super painful. We do have our fill of drama queen's, don't we?!


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