Saturday, January 22, 2011

Project time: Bulletin board

I am over my Clay Aiken syndrome and on to new things today. Thanks for "seeing" me, guys!

So, to get out of my funky mc funkness, I decided to attempt to be crafty. Check this out....

A few years ago, I made this wall hanging for Princess P's room. I cut up a comforter that my awesome sister dug out of the trash when she was working at Pier One Kids for me to match a twin comforter that she had already found for P there earlier. It was their floor sample and was stained up on one end, so I cut off that part of the comforter, serged around it (yep, I have a very neglected serger hiding upstairs...and you thought you knew me?), made this wood frame and stapled it all on there. Loved it. But...she didn't end up with a twin bed and never used the comforter at all so now this doesn't match her room. So...I had a plan. Oh yeah. Here is the scoop...feel free to oooohhh and aaaahhhh (aka. leave a comment!!!!) to tell me how awesomely crafty I am :)

So, first things first...they had to enjoy the awesome ballerinas one last time.

Now on to business. Pull out the staples leaving just the frame. Did I mention that I made the frame? 'Cause I did with this totally cool tool that my Dad told us about. We love it! OK, back to the frame. Here is it all stripped down:

Then I stapled on batting and material for the new board. Actually, my hand started cramping up during this so Big Daddy stepped up to the plate and stapled for me. They should (or maybe do?) make easier to use staple guns for girls!

The kids ran out to play in the snow at this point. That has absolutely zero to do with this post, but this is a cute picture and it's my blog and I can post cute pics of my kiddos if I want to :)

Oh and this one of our A/C was just cool!

 OK focus, Les.

Next was the ribbon. I totally miscalculated on ribbon. According to a site I read, I needed to multiply the length x height and that was how much ribbon to buy. This is a huge frame,so I was going to need 65 feet of ribbon. Hobby Lobby doesn't carry that much of any one ribbon but are so sweet to order anything you need. So I picked up a LOT of ribbon (this thing is huge!)...turns out I only needed 15 feet. Oops. So I am going to have to schlup back to HL and return the 10 extra spools. Ugh. Good news...that makes this project WAY cheaper! After we got all of those on, I sewed each "X" through the material so the pictures won't slip down.


Isn't it cute? But wait...that's not all. Big Daddy's Grandmother gave Princess P a bunch of awesome old jewelry recently. She loves it, but really won't wear the clip on earrings in the batch because she has her ears pierced. They are so special to us though because they are from her so we decided to include them in this project. This way she will be able to enjoy looking at them every day :)

It's hard to see from this shot but we hot glued different earrings at each "X". Love the personal touch and happy that I managed to only hot glue one of them to my finger...ouch!

It turned out so cute! Crazy busy, but she likes it. Here it is with a few pictures on it. I'm sure it will be filled with fun things soon.

Don't forget to oohhh and aahhh...don't make me pull Clay A back out ;)


  1. I SEE YOU!! I love, love, love it! It turned out amazing :) The snow pics are awesome. Where in the world did you find that great coat for P? Love the cousin pics, too! WTG, Martha!!

  2. P's sweet friend, Briley gave that to her Wed night. Isn't it cute? She loves it :)

  3. so very crafty of you!! I love it! The jewels are the perfect touch! you'll be proud...I acutally bought stuff to be crafty but haven't done it yet. I plan to this next week. I'll keep you posted. :)

  4. I'm inspired. Do your talents have no end?!! Homemade cinnamon rolls, beautiful wall hangings, green smoothies and grammar too! I'm going to have to stop reading your blog. I was feeling so smug about making brownies from a box this week and you just shamed me with one rat-a-tat of the keyboard. Darn you, creative friend!


  5. So creative! I love it. I want to try this as well.

  6. That turned out cute! And I love the clip-ons for embellishments :) Good job!

  7. Over the past few weeks I have come to the realization that I DON'T KNOW YOU AT ALL!!! You are so much more awesome than I even imagined! There is much I need to learn from you :0) One being how to post a comment on your blog. Ha!

    Lynn :0)

  8. OOH, AAH! Now can you come and help me decorate my bedroom? That totally looks like something off of HGTV! I love the earrings glued on there, too. I think you did an awesome job! The kids are pretty cute, too! :-)
    Way to go! What are you going to pull out of your bag of tricks next? I're going to make your own pajama jeans, aren't you!!

  9. Ahhh...thanks, guys. The boys want one now too...thinking of using the bottle caps they have been collecting from camping trips, etc and making a "manly" one for their room. We'll see how it goes.

  10. I like the "manly one" idea too... but this girly girl project is just plain lovely!!! makes me almost want to hold out for a girl... but not quite- 3 rotten boys is good 'nuf for me-
    awesome craft- and beautiful kids in the snow pic!

  11. Aren't you clever! I'm impressed. Can I come hang out with you so you can teach me everything you know?

  12. LOVE IT!! What a great way to 'recycle' family heirlooms (and clever frames).

  13. OH, I love it. I can't make anything. You are so creative and that turned out so beautiful. I love the clip on earrings being added as well! :) The snow pictures are great too.

    Is your other blog private? I couldn't get onto it today.....

    Have a great week!

  14. Taht is really cute!! Really really cute!!!!

  15. See how much I care?...I actually got off my phone and onto the computer so I could see your craft. Love it!!! Could totally whip a few out as fund raiser stuff. :)

  16. Really love this its very creative! But really just wanted to post on your blog!! ;)


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