Monday, January 3, 2011

We make a great team.

Big Daddy and I have the perfect relationship. I hear ladies complaining all the time about how little their spouse does around the house and I'm almost embarrassed at how much my hubby does. Most Saturday's he can be found knee deep in laundry. I know he partly does this out of necessity...the guys wants some clean clothes to wear. But mostly, I think he just does it because he loves me and knows I hate it. He also does the dishes and helps around the house more than he probably should.

I am not a total slopjar though....I have cooked at home every night this year (no comment) and if we get anything electronic, he hands it right over. We had the same TV for years...with the same digital converter box for the past year, and he still can't get it to turn on without my help. But that isn't a problem anymore. No, we didn't get cable...don't get crazy here. We did get a new TV though....movin' on up ;) The guy at Best Buy didn't seem to think it was a "big screen" but compared to the 26" (I think it was that deep too) that we have enjoyed for the past many years, this is huge to us. We received an awesome gift of surround sound for Christmas too...which he also slid my way to hook up.

So this weekend, while Big Daddy was de-wrinkling our jeans, I was hooking this bad boy up. And it *almost* works even! Well, the TV and the surround sound both work fine, just not together....yet...need one more cord. Now for the dilemma....we had to rearrange the whole living room to make this work (and the playroom since we moved the old TV, playstation and entertainment center up there). Big Daddy made this white table years ago and it is normally behind the couch, but we needed something to hold the new TV for now. I found a new one I like but don't want to spend the money right now, so thinking of using this for a while.....unless it looks stupid. So tell me, does it look stupid? The one I like is shorter so I hate to move the pictures on the wall behind it since they will work with the new stand. Hmmm...might have to just bite the bullet and order the stand I like. Thanks for helping me sort all that out. You rock!


  1. I really like that stand with the baskets under it. i don't think you should replace it at all! Our tv is mounted on the wall above our fireplace and I love that. More floor space for other things! :)

  2. Look at you with your big 'ole TV! Glad you didn't go all Willy Nilly and get cable!!! We can't keep with the Jones', er, "E's" ;) It looks great! WTG on the hook up, too. You and Sahib are keepers!!

  3. Oh, Like the new tv.... I think that table looks good with it but bite the bullet and buy the one you want :)


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