Tuesday, January 4, 2011

3 and out....and ok with that

When I was in AL, my sister and I started watching 17 and Counting. Honestly, it was kinda like a train wreck...we just couldn't turn away. It just doesn't make sense to me to have that many kids. I don't see how you can give them each the attention they need...but then we kept watching. There is one episode where the family is in NYC. I would be a nervous wreck taking my 3 kids to someplace that busy...keeping tight holds on their hands. But Mommy and Daddy Duggar are leisurely strolling along holding hands with each other. The older siblings had all the responsibility for the younger rugrats. We watched episode after episode together before I left and the parents are always SO calm. Can you imagine having 17 (19) kids and not yelling at them or stressing out at least sometimes. Wow. My sister sent a link today from their site that lists character qualities that they teach the kids. I think this explains why the older kids are so willing to help out their parents and their siblings. They truly do put Jesus first, Others next and Yourself last and have J.O.Y. because of it.

Now it is too late for us to have a gaggle of kids (praise God, we went 3 and out!), but that doesn't mean that I can't teach these three little treasures a thing or two about living Godly lives. I printed off the Character Qualities chart off the Duggar's site and Terrific T and I  "laminated" it (packing tape with a duct tape border). Then I read it with the kids. We read quickly over all 49 traits and then spent a little more time on the first one. There is a verse listed for each and a short definition so we will add on one a day or week. Captain C read us the verse and we talked about it. Then I got out a big glass jar and told them each time I catch them showing one of the traits listed, they could put a Lego in the jar. When it is full, I'll take them to the children's museum to celebrate. (I already bought cheap tickets for it from living social a few months ago and was planning to use sometime this month anyway...shhhhh!)

There is one lone Lego in there so far...praying we fill this baby up and become more like Christ in the process.


  1. Love it! You have an awesome sister ;) I had already printed the chart but I think I will steal your jar idea for my kiddos. Praying our kids (and myself) will build and strengthen these character qualities that will carry them through their lives. "J-O-Y, down in my heart...deep, deep down in my heart!"

  2. I think I'm going to have to print this out and work with my little girl on these. I love the duggars. :O) I don't think I could handle that many kiddos but I love that family because I truly think God gave them the hearts for the mission they are on! thanks for sharing the link. Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!

  3. Great post! We had a marble jar like that several years ago. It was a wonderful visual reminder to the kids that they were working toward goals.

  4. Really great idea.. I love the Duggars... You need your little sister to order you a cute UL to put on your jar... :) ( Your welcome, SJ )


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