Friday, January 14, 2011

T.G.I.F. + G.I.G.

The kids all three woke up in great moods today. Praise the Lord! It helps to wake up to the best smell in the entire world....fresh baked bread. Thank goodness for bread makers with timers so I could put it all in there last night and have it ready 9 hours later. Today was cinnamon and sugar bread:

While I was cutting the bread, T asks me what G.I.G. stands for. Hmmm...that's a new one. I don't know. He said it is for "God Is Good!" Yes, He sure is!! When we were in AL, we went to church with my sisters and their pastor does this with the congregation:

Pastor: God is good....
People: All the time!
Pastor: All the time...
People: God is good!

I heard T and P playing "pastor and crowd" while they were eating. "Now it's my turn to be the pastor and start it." So cute!

Now they are in their debating why a guy would stick a feather in his hat and call it macaroni. Makes no sense to C but perfect sense to P, who says it was probably a yellow feather with a black stripe. duh.

So...Thank Goodness It's Friday...I'm ready for an amazing weekend! Are you? God. Is. Good.


  1. don't you just love it when you overhear them talking about the things of God- that's when we really get to see the Holy Spirit at work in their hearts! precious
    hey- how 'bout sharing that bread receipe?please.- tks, kelli

  2. love it. hearing all the things your kiddos say makes me want to have another one so that iris can have someone to have these talks with!

  3. Sarah...Get working on that. Iris would be an awesome big sis :o)

    Kelli...I'll type up the recipe in a bit (and the crabbie one for Nicolle that I promised a few weeks ago!). It was just the raisin bread but we left the raisins out and added extra cinn/sugar to it. Yummy!


    Thought you would like the answer. ;) This is how Macaroni Penguins got their name also.

  5. Love it, Michelle. Just ended the debate for the kids ;) Thanks!

  6. The bread sounds delicious and a fun way to wake up ! I love all the funny things the kids say and makes me feel closer to you all... Pop & Mimi miss you all very much.. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Love ya,

  7. Oh gosh, the bread is making my mouth water.

    Yes, I would love the crabbies recipe! :)

    I love that...God is good. ALL the time. amen!

  8. God is good. All of the time :O)
    My little is finally starting to make a recovery. Last night was the worst night yet. But this morning she started coloring and picking up steam. I'm so thankful to the Lord.

    And since she was feeling better, I decided to start working with her on cleaning up what you just played with before you move on to somethings else, "so it doesn't look like a tornado hit our house!". She just giggled.


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